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Blog by Mail?

Thursday,  05/15/03  12:17 PM

I haven't done a survey for a while, but my inquiring mind wants to know.  Would you have a blog if you could post to it simply by sending email?

You bet, the complexity is what keeps me from blogging.

No way, I wouldn't have a blog no matter how easy it is.

I already blog!

total votes = 27

  (ended 05/31/03)


Thursday,  05/15/03  11:22 PM

Sigh.  Well, the Lakers are out, and the lunar eclipse was a fizzle, at least in my part of Southern California.  Some nights are like that...

I haven't seen The Matrix Reloaded yet either.  Scoble loved it.  And he has great advice: "The wife will hate it ... gotta lower her expectations so she enjoys it."

The Star Wars KidYou guys have probably seen "the Star Wars kid" already; he's been all over the Internet.  Well, he's been identified, and people are actually trying to raise money to buy him an iPod.  How cool is that!  [Refresh page to replay animation.]

Jim Lacey asks: Where are the WMDs?  His intriguing theory: "It is likely that if Saddam no longer had a WMD program he did not know it."

Bill Thompson reports from the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference: Blog eats Blog.  He enters the blogosphere and doesn't like what he sees.  Central point - too much linking, not enough thinking.  Fair enough, but there is enough thinking to keep me reading...

Bored and want something new to do?  How about Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard.  I am not making this up.


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