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Saturday,  01/11/03  02:49 PM

Michael Powell, FCC Chairman, got a Tivo for Christmas.  And he likes it...

A U.S. District judge has ruled that Kazaa may be sued in California.  Keep on rolling that rock uphill, RIAA and MPAA...

The next Windows server product is renamed (again)...  For those keeping score, Whistler entered beta on June 30, 2000 with a projected release date of end 2001.  This story from November, 2000 says the next release after Whistler, code named "Blackcomb", was expected to ship in 2002.

Last night I rearranged my office.  Everything's different, but the biggest change is that I hooked up a decent pair of speakers to my computer.  So today I'm listening to music while coding.  What a difference!  I used to do this all the time... wonder why I stopped?  Sometimes I feel like a listening to my music (usually a particular band), but other times the randomness of  "radio" is nice...  Live365 is to commercial radio as weblogs are to media websites.

Have you seen the latest Apple Powerbook commercial?  Featuring Yao Ming and Mini Me.  Very clever!


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